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The Chief Administrative Officer for the Village of Hazelton is appointed by and reports to Mayor and Council. The Chief Administrative Officer oversees the overall administration of the Municipality and employees. In addition, the Chief Administrative Officer is charged with keeping Council up to date on corporate matters and ensuring that Council policy is implemented and bylaws are enforced. The Chief Administrative Officer also oversees Land Use Planning within Village boundaries, this includes zoning, subdividing and development permits.

The Village also oversees and maintains the Two Mile Cemetery located within the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine.

Robyn Carlé
Chief Administrative Officer

The Deputy Corporate Officer manages and preserves all Council and Corporate records through a records management and archives program. The Deputy Corporate Officer’s functions also includes agenda preparation, the recording of official minutes, the administration and certification of Municipal Bylaws. The Deputy Corporate Officer along with the Village’s Building Inspector also reviews and approves any Building Permits received within municipal boundaries.

Krista Smith
Deputy Corporate Officer


The Village’s finance department controls the municipal budget, accounts payable, billing and property tax, and a variety of other functions. The Finance Clerk is responsible to keep council informed about municipal financial needs and changes, as well as to oversee the budgeting process and the five-year financial plan. Utility billing and property taxes, as well as statutory filing and reporting are all a part of the Finance Clerk’s job.

Ruth Carlé
Finance Clerk

Public Works:

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of all of the Village’s infrastructure. Among other things, the Department maintains water and sewer lines, roads, parks and buildings. The Department is also responsible for the removal of ice, snow and solid waste and the maintenance of equipment.

The Public Works Crew maintains the water and sewer systems that serve residents of the municipality.  Special training and certification are required to manage the complex water and sewer systems and samples are sent to specialized labs to ensure that Village systems meet all requirements. 

Bryan Hilbach, Foreman