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Welcome from Mayor Julie Maitland:

The Village of Hazelton is located where the Skeena and Bulkley Rivers meet, at the foot of Stekyoden in the Coast Mountains. Our Village was founded in 1866 and quickly became the hub of the Northwest. Ancient trails became routes for dog sleds, horseback riders and pack trains to the Cariboo and Yukon gold rushes. Hazelton was often where they began their overland journey, disembarking the paddle-wheelers from Prince Rupert on the Coast. We are proud of our history as a meeting place of peoples.

Our history as a crossroads goes back even farther. The Gitxsan have been caretakers and guardians of the land and this vital trading hub for thousands of years. Today, the Gitxsan and non-Indigenous populations live side-by-side as friends, family, and neighbors as Gitanmaax Village borders our own.

Our town is graced by the beautiful mountain Stekyoden, historic buildings, and Gitxsan culture, transporting visitors back in time. When you visit the Village of Hazelton you will be met by friendly people and a warm welcome wherever you go. We are proud of our community and happy to share our good fortune in living here to those who come to visit. We are in a new era of revitalization and renewal as more people realize how wonderful Hazelton is to live, work, and play in. Come visit our community and see why we are called the hidden gem of Northwest BC.

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