Emergency Management (Plan)

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The purpose of the Village's Emergency Plan (the "Plan") is to save lives, reduce risk to people, property, environment and economy with the top priorities being the preservation of life and building community resilience.

The Plan acknowledges that all citizens are involved in emergency management. Solid partnerships based on effective collaboration, coordination and communication are key components to sustainable Emergency Plan.

The Plan is designed to support the objectives of reducing risk and provides elected officials, municipal administration and other partner agencies a framework to prepare for likely events based on a current hazards, risk and vulnerability assessment and corresponding risk register. The Plan is to be used as a tool to support emergency services and municipal responders and recovery activities.

It is important to note that the success of any Emergency Plan and corresponding programs is contingent on an understanding that risks, hazards and subsequent community vulnerability are real and are a part of day to day living. Our ability to respond and recover is dependent on the planning that goes into prevention, preparedness, mitigation/response and recovery between incidents of scale.