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The Village of Hazelton ensures responsible development practices and sustainable long-term land use planning through the enforcement of the Building and Zoning Bylaws.

Developers and property owners wishing to make changes to their structures, including new builds, renovations, and demolition projects may need to obtain a building permit.


The following is a general outline of the permitting process. Be aware that not all of these steps may apply to your project. It is always advisable to contact the Village Office before beginning your project, to ensure compliance and avoid unexpected delays. Some of the below requirements take time and should be taken into account when planning a project's timeline.

  1. Call or visit the Village office and give a basic idea for your project. Staff will help you determine if your end goal is consistent with your property's zoning requirements.
  2. If your property is in the Historic Downtown Development Permit Area or the Flood Plain Development Permit Area, you may be required to fill out a development permit application. If so, this may be put before Council to determine if your project fits with the Village's prescribed safety and aesthetic standards for your area. Depending on the timing of your application, this process may take a while, as time is needed to process the application and Council meets only once per month.
  3. Next, a building permit application may be required. This outlines your project's cost and scope, and will need to be submitted along with design plans.
  4. If your property has a history of certain kinds of industrial and commercial uses, the Province of BC may require you to fill out a site disclosure statement, and may require remedial action to be undertaken before your building permit can be approved. Check this list to see if this applies to your property.
  5. The building inspector will review the project plans and ensure that you are following Hazelton's bylaws and provincial building codes. If the building inspector is satisfied, your permit will likely be approved at this stage and construction can begin.
  6. You will be asked to contact the building inspector when you hit specific project milestones, in order for inspections to occur, and you may be asked to remedy certain problems that are flagged. Once final inspection and all remedial actions have been completed, your permit will be closed. If applicable, you may be issued an occupancy permit.

If you have any questions at any stage of the process, contact the Village Office.


Building Permit fees can be found in the building bylaw, available Here.


Development Permit Guidelines can be found in the Village of Hazelton Zoning Bylaw. A Consolidated version of the Bylaw is available Here.

The Development Permit application form and details about the process can be found in the Development Procedures Bylaw, available Here.