Request for Proposals

UPDATE: August 17th 2020

Addendum #2 Proponent Questions and Village of Hazelton Responses:
Q3: In the instructions for completing proposals under 10.3, it states that tab and blank spacer pages are not counted towards the page limit. Would a full page image therefore not count towards the 30 page limit?
Q4: Can we exclude the title page and contents (index) page from the 30 page limit?
R3/4: The Village will accept proposals that exceed the 30 page limit if it is a direct result of the title page, index/table of contents, and/or a full page image(s).
Q5: Would the Village consider accepting a Class ‘D’ cost estimate as part of the feasibility study?
R5: Construction cost estimates prepared at the Class ‘C’ level or better is more appropriate for detailed designs and engineering which is outside of the scope of this project. Conceptual design options are expected at the Feasibility Stage of this project; therefore, the Village will accept proposals from proponents that plan to produce Class ‘D’ estimates for construction costs.

Addendum #1
Proponent Questions and Village of Hazelton Responses:
Q1: Regarding the Village of Hazelton’s RFP for a feasibility study for a new fire hall and public works
building, do you have a budget in mind?
R1: The Village has not established a budget for the Feasibility Study. We expect proponents to submit
proposals that clearly indicate their experience with similar Net Carbon Zero building studies. The
Village will evaluate each proposal based on the evaluation criteria described in the RFP.
Q2: Can you elaborate on what size you envision the new building to be? Do you have a general sense
of its construction budget?
R2: We have included a drawing of the site that includes dimensions of the current building and lot.
Proponents should submit proposals that intend to make the best, most efficient use of the lot while being cognizant of the tax base and possible grant funding opportunities it will take to support such a project. No construction budget has been established for this project. We don’t expect this to occur until after the Feasibility Study is completed.

The Village of Hazelton is seeking RFP's for a feasibility study for a new net carbon zero Fire Hall and Public Works shared services building. Full request is available on BC Bid and here.

All questions or requests for clarification shall be emailed to the Chief Administrative Officer no later than 4:30 p.m. (PST) on Friday, August 14, 2020.
Lina Gasser
Chief Administrative Officer

Proposals shall be emailed to on or before 4:30 p.m. (PST) on Friday August 28th 2020. Submissions received at 4:31 p.m. or later will be deemed to be late and non-compliant and will not be opened nor reviewed.