Welcome Message

Welcome from Mayor Dennis Sterritt:

Situated at the confluence of the Skeena and Bulkley Rivers, nestled at the foot of Roche de Boule Mountain; the Village of Hazelton remains much like the original settlement, founded in 1866, the centre of navigation for our area. First by ancient trails in all directions, by canoe, pack train, dog sled, and eventually paddle-wheelers from the Northwest Coast.

The population remains a happy mixture of the original Gitxsan First Nations People and settlers that inhabiting both the Village of Hazelton and the Village of Gitanmaax, which the Village of Hazelton shares its service area.

In earlier days, Hazelton was home of at least twenty-two "firsts" for the area between Prince George and Prince Rupert. Amongst these services were the first bank, first hospital, first telegraph office, first newspaper and other needed services.

Since 1956, the year that the Village of Hazelton was incorporated as a municipality, visitors to this community are always pleasantly surprised by the fact that such a variety of serendipitous services are available. 

Some of the charm and spirit of the community is the fact that we are removed from the highway and the railroad. While we can easily access either, neither of those necessary links has influenced or changed the shape of our development. Our natural focus is on the rivers and the mountains, giving this small town the feeling of 'old frontier spirit' and a comfortable remoteness that carries the feeling of being "away from it all."

When you visit the Village of Hazelton you will be met by open friendliness and a warm welcome wherever you go. Every citizen is proud and happy to share our good fortune in living here and to warmly welcome those who come to enjoy. This community always extends an enthusiastic welcome to new-comers looking for opportunity and who are willing to add to the amazing environment of this beautiful and unique community.

Come and visit. You may never leave!

Mayor Dennis Sterritt

The Village of Hazelton