Emergency Management of BC

Emergency Management BC protects and improves public safety in BC by providing advisories of active emergencies, disaster readiness and recovery, fire safety and death investigation.

Organization Within Government
Emergency Management BC (EMBC) was formed to be the lead coordinating agency in the provincial government for all emergency management activities. EMBC provides executive coordination, strategic planning, and multi-agency facilitation and strives to develop effective working relationships in an increasingly complex emergency management environment.

EMBC works with local governments, First Nations, federal departments, industry, non-government organizations and volunteers to support the emergency management phases of mitigation/ prevention, preparedness, response and recovery.  Additionally, EMBC engages provincial, national and international partners to enhance collective emergency preparedness.
EMBC provides leadership through a number of programs, including the following:

  • Emergency Management
  • Office of the Fire Commissioner 
  • British Columbia Coroners Service 

Emergency Management BC vision
Emergency Management British Columbia will be the premier organization in Canada for the management of emergencies and disasters at the provincial level. Our leadership will solidify a cooperative and effective approach to emergency management in British Columbia. As a result, the province will be resilient, adaptive and confident in its abilities when challenged by known and emergent threats to public safety.

Emergency Management BC mission
Emergency Management British Columbia is responsible to British Columbians for leading the management of provincial level emergencies and disasters and supporting other authorities within their areas of jurisdiction.

Emergency Management BC goals

  1. EMBC is a learning organization with a culture of continuous improvement.
  2. EMBC is expert in leading the management of catastrophic disasters of provincial significance and impact.
  3. EMBC is effective in supporting other responsible authorities in their mandate to mitigate and manage emergencies and disasters.
  4. EMBC excels in the provision of the Office of the Fire Commissioner’s and British Columbia Coroners Service’s unique services.
  5. EMBC empowers and strengthens volunteer organizations.

For more information, visit the Emergency Management of BC website.

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