Economic Development

The Village of Hazelton is Open for Business

The Village of Hazelton is located at the junction of the Bulkley and Skeena Rivers in northern British Columbia. Strategically situated at the end of a 10 kilomatre corridor west from Highway 16 beginning at the New Hazelton exit, the Village offers both natural beauty and entrepeneurial opportunities. Businesses locating in the Village - or "Old Hazelton" as it is often called - will benefit from a growing commercial base comprising the Village residents, the neighbouring Gitxsan First Nations and the communities between the Village and New Hazelton.

The Village of Hazelton offers some of the most competitively-priced land, housing and commercial property in British Columbia. Its location provides excellent transportation access on one of the province's primary north-south routes, as well as major highway access to the west coast and Prince Rupert.

Business Opportunities to Serve the Local Population

Great retail and commercial properties are available in the downtown core - perfect for hospitality businesses (restaurant, cafe, bed and breakfast) or professional services (medical, financial, legal, etc.). Imagine the possibilities of a successful business with stunning river and mountain views outside your front door.

A Strong Tourism Sector

The area is an established tourist destination drawing many visitors with outdoor recreation, First Nations cultural experiences and heritage attractions. There is potential for an expanded tourism sector, including hispitality businesses that complement the natural and cultural assets currently bringing tourists to the Village. British Columbia's reputation as a premiere outdoor destination, as well as its potential for increased commercial recreation and adventure tourism, aligns well with the Village of Hazelton's focus on supporting the tourism sector.

Local Food Movement Drives an Agricultural Renaissance

British Columbia has one of the largest and most diverse agriculture and agri-food sectos in Canada. From berries to vegetables, wine to seafood, the sector continues to grow and embrace the province's many micro-climates. The province's Highway 16 region has historically supplied vast quantities of the province's agricultural product.

Despite its northern location, the Hazelton area's climate is milder and wetter than the neighbouring interior plateau, due to warm Pacific air. Consequently, it has a strong tradition of argiculture production resulting from the unique micro-climate, rich river valley soils and a Zone 5 eating on the Plant Hardiness Zone classification. 

Forestry Tradition Fosters Value-added Wood Product Opportunities

British Columbia is also one of the world's largest exporters of wood products and the Village of Hazelton has a rich forestry history. Today, that wood sector tradition creates new opportunities for producing and delivering value-added wood products (millwork, containers, doors and window frames, etc.) to the rest of Canada and foreign markets.

Local Base for Natural Resource Technical and Professional Services

British Columbia is a globally-recognized centre for mining activity. The province possesses abundant mineral, coal and gas resources the bulk of which are located in northern British Columbia. The Village of Hazelton's strategic location can serve as a low-cost, central base from which supplies, services and support are delivered to mining operations.

Live in a Natural Paradise, Work Anywhere

An increasing number of skilled professionals are able to deliver their work remotely. Many of these individuals are seeking work-life balance that cannot be found in the hectic, over-priced and crowded lifetyles offered by large urban centres.

What value do you place on low-cost living, fresh air and clean water, time with family and friends, a sense of community and more control over your life and future? A life in the Village can take you in this direction. You can live and work... not work to live.

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The Village of Hazelton is a vibrant community with a welcoming atmosphere and some of the most stunning natural beauty in British Columbia. Bring your business and adventurous spirit to the Village of Hazelton. We've been expecting you.

The Village of Hazelton